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the evolution of god
Chapter 2316 – The Defeated Victor store oafish
“What in the world is occurring? Why managed Following Sage become so better suddenly?�
Medication Ancestor leaving revealed that this game was over.
The white-colored portions engaged the whole territory, exterminating every one of the black color pieces!
Ye Yuan’s Tai Chi diagram actually resisted Remedies Ancestor’s powerful assault!
On this occasion, Ye Yuan’s article was similarly extremely quick.
Drugs Ancestor opened up both eyes and stared at Ye Yuan since he explained.
Coming back anew resulted in this item compelled him to carry on!
… Ancient element, the results continues to be not known!�
When around him, the strength of Good Dao suddenly turned out to be considerably more strenuous.
The Tai Chi Diagram bloomed again!
Old and New Masters
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Ye Yuan actually compelled Remedies Ancestor to this factor!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Remedies Ancestor, but his Dao offers a style of miraculous awesome energy. His power is obviously not robust, but he is able to always beat the powerful when the weaker.�
Ultimately, in less than 1 month’s time, Ye Yuan actually unleashed a hurricane-like counterattack, forcefully converting the situation around to this very stage.
But not one person felt that they misplaced!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Drugs Ancestor, but his Dao appears to have a sort of amazing magical ability. His energy is certainly not powerful, but they can always overcome the powerful when the weak.�
“Brilliant! Seriously way too amazing! This move is just amazing!
But on this occasion, it did not extinguis.h.!.+
The jolt that the arena provided anyone can be dreamed of.
Those individuals who searched upon Ye Yuan, ridiculed Ye Yuan, these were now all virtually cheering for Ye Yuan toward the back.
About the chessboard, the initial dark sections no more were built with a way out.
Remedies Ancestor obtained his experience slapped through this item!
… …
Ye Yuan smiled and mentioned, “Many on account of Remedies Ancestor for assisting me reach my plan, having this Ye have fewer detours. You brought Senior citizen Sacred Ancestor ‘Ask Not’ two words and phrases soon after dealing with with him. Right now, why not … give this Ye two thoughts way too?�
“What on the planet is occurring? Why managed Secondly Sage come to be so much stronger suddenly?�
Amidst everyone’s cries of exclamations, the territory with the black colored pieces grew to become larger and larger. The Tai Chi diagram started to be a growing number of consistent!
On top of the heaven and entire world chessboard, the territory how the dark parts and bright white parts busy were almost precisely the same.
“Brilliant! Definitely too brilliant! This shift is merely fabulous!
Medication Ancestor landed a element, the truly great challenge was lower back on!
“Difference of fifty percent a point! A positive change of fifty percent a point!
Medication Ancestor suppressed once again!
Medicine Ancestor’s expression already spelled out almost everything.
Treatment Ancestor departing established that this game was over.
Finally, Ye Yuan’s previous item landed.

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